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AH-MAZING!! Don't like the bath bombs floating around in your tub? These bath teas are everything a bath bomb is but in a tidy bag for easy clean up. Plus they contain 3 times the bathing pleasure per container as a bath bomb.

Calendula Oats- Great for that super sensitive skin. Oats provide extra gentle nourishing power paired with Caldenula for extra love and care for your skin.

Lavender Rose- This combo promotes soothing relaxation. Great for a relaxing bath at the end of the day.

Green Tea- Invigorating Green tea is a pick me up for the skin. Great if your feeling run down or if your skin has been over exposed to the elements.

Eucalyptus- Feeling under the weather? Eucalyptus has effervescent qualities to help open airways and get you feeling better.

Detox- Every once in a while its nice to just sit and detox your body. Our detox tea is a special blend of essential oils and activated charcoal to help pull toxins from the body.