Home Sweet Homicide by Craig Rice


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All “hash-e-lul squared” breaks out when a mystery writer’s three kids try to solve a murder.

That’s “hell” in the King Tut alphabet used by the three Carstairs children, Dinah, April and Archie, who feel that life will be a lot better if their overworked widowed mystery-writing mother can only solve a murder and get some much needed publicity for her books. And if she happens to land a husband in the process… well, that’s just gravy.

So when shots ring out in the neighborhood, the kids make up a story to throw the cops off track while hiding the chief suspect out in Archie’s playhouse. Dinah provides the brains while April uses her charms to worm information out of a cop. Archie—the only member of the family capable of saving money—bankrolls the operation and talks his gang, “the Mob,” into creating a diversion so Dinah and April can check out the crime scene. In the meantime, Marian Carstairs is up in her room, pounding away on her typewriter, unaware that her kids are setting a trap for a murderer as well as a different sort of trap for a handsome, single homicide investigator.

First published in 1944, Home Sweet Homicide is one of the most honored mystery novels of the first half of the twentieth century, appearing on the Haycraft-Queen Cornerstone list, James Sandoe’s Readers’ Guide to Crime, and Melvyn Barnes’ Murder in Print. It was filmed in 1946 with Peggy Ann Garner, Randolph Scott, Dean Stockwell, and James Gleason.

ISBN: 978-0915230532

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