Pension Maximizer

As you know retirement also means changes in many of your present Military Benefits.** Those benefits most significantly affected are your S.G.L.I/V.G.L.I. conversion, SBP (Survivors Benefit Plan) options, your Champus/TriCare Benefit options, and the Federal Government Long Term Care Plans.
We have options for each of your military benefits and many of them at discounted prices.
The largest and most expensive benefit is your SBP option which provides your spouse with up to 55% of your Retirement Base Pay and at a monthly cost of 6.50% of your Retirement Base Pay. Our alternative plan to this option the “Pension Maximizer” will save you and yours thousands of dollars throughout your lifetime and will provide you with an additional retirement income.
Some additional advantages to our Pension Maximizer are:
If your spouse passes away first (say 20-30 or more years from now) you would lose all that you have paid into the Government SBP, where with our Pension Maximizer you would get all your premiums back plus interest earned.
If you both pass away together the children would get nothing with the Government SBP vs. receiving the full benefit with our Pension Maximizer.
I call the Government SBP an “If Plan” because it only pays if the retiree passes away first and if the spouse passes away first nothing is paid.
Our Pension Maximizer pays benefits under almost all conditions and you do not have to pass-away to receive the benefits.
**The information contained in this page assumes the person retiring is Military. Your benefits may be different in number but the basic information applies to anyone retiring with retirement benefits.

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