+ Add Your Business to Love Local, Shop Local

+ Add Your Business to Love Local, Shop Local

How it Works:

Herald/Review Media is here for Cochise County Businesses as we navigate through the next steps to keep their business thriving. It has increasingly become more and more important to support local businesses and that is why we are offering the lowest rates ever to reach the largest audience in Cochise County by offering an e-commerce solution to local businesses that can help them successfully compete with larger businesses that are growing significantly due to offering an online shopping experience.

We thoughtfully put a program together that will touch all readers through their preferred way to stay informed with the content our professional journalists provide daily.

The Love Local Shop Local program for only $50 per month includes the following platforms and reach:

  • Includes 10 product listings on the Love Local Shop Local directory which includes e-commerce. Includes photo, description, one click to buy button and more. Or $100 per month for unlimited products.
  • 300x250 ad in a bi-weekly Love Local Shop Local email blast to more than 9,000 readers who have opted in to receive offers from local businesses.
  • Business name and contact information in weekly Love Local Shop Local print campaign with all participating businesses.
  • Video production is available for a 30 second to one minute video for only $75 per video. Videos can be used on your Facebook page, website and any other desired marketing effort. This is a great way to share your story and/or showcase your products and services.
  • You can manage your products and profile yourself or our team can assist you.
  • The profile is set-up for all sales dollars to deposit into your business bank account.
  • You will receive an email for each purchase and how the customer has chosen to receive that product or service – pick-up or delivery if offered or mailed.
  • The platform can also be used for a consumer to request a quote or just to showcase your products or services.

To learn more or to become part of Love Local Shop Local contact Alycia McCloud at alycia.mccloud@myheraldreview.com or Jennifer Sorenson at publisher@myheraldreview.com. You can also call 520-458-9440.